• History of MAPA

      MAPA was registered on the 19th of July 1973 with the purpose of providing the pilots of Malaysia Airlines System, an organization that would cater to their social, professional and Industrial needs. In 1974, MAPA joined The International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Association (IFALPA), and in 1996 is a founder member of Asean Pilot League.

      MAPA was formed initially with only 24 members and thereafter membership numbers quickly rose. Now, its members number more than 1200 inclusive of pilots from various nationalities.

      Since 1973 we have had 15 pilots as President of the Association. The first President was the late Captain Mohammad Ali (1973-1974); Captain Hizamuddin ZA was the longest serving President (2003-2013), and is the immediate past President. The current President is Captain Lam Chee Keong (2013 onwards). 

      An Executive Council consisting of 11 pilots including the President, forms the government of the Association. Three office staff members are the secretariat, who assists the council in the routine management of the office. The office is situated on the second floor of our very own 3 storey building in USJ 21, Subang Jaya.

      The goals and objectives of the association are:

      • to promote the social, intellectual and professional interests of its members; 
      • to provide a professional organization capable of representing the views of the pilots; 
      • to promote the highest standards of aviation and aviation safety; 
      • to promote the material, social and educational welfare of its members; 
      • to provide legal assistance to its members in connection with their employment and lastly, 
      • to publish a regular journal with the intent to further the quality of our profession.

      Ever since its inception, MAPA has been representing its members in numerous activities, a few of them being, the Industrial based meetings (Promotion/Selection Board Meeting, the Disciplinary and Technical Inquiries, Joint Consultative Committee Meeting (JCC) ), sporting activities, Safety seminars, Educational events and even Charity events.

      Today MAPA provides its members a 24-hour hotline; it has also set up a group life insurance policy, a LOI insurance policy, and offers membership card benefits. In 2000, the association purchased a building to serve as its headquarters to meet the demands of its increasing membership.

      MAPA has always had a busy social calendar, which includes the annual soccer matches with ALPA-S and the APL 7’s and various other sporting activities such as hockey, golf etc, To be more integrated into the international arena, MAPA endeavors to have more active participation in IFALPA forums, meetings, seminars and gatherings.

      To fulfill our social obligations, MAPA members endorsed a change in the constitution in 2001 to enable the Association to conduct Charity events. The Charity activities include an Aviation Day, MAPA Staff Assist Program and the MAPA Schools Assist Program.

      Other future projects include the setting up of a pension fund, enhancing the Associations’ influence on both the local regulatory body as well as the legislative arm of the government, and to provide a permanent legal representative to advise the Association and its members of any legal situation that might arise in the course of their employment.

      This website is one of these projects and its associated online discussion forum represents the councils commitment in improving our intra-communication.

      We say ‘Selamat Datang’ or welcome to all our non-member visitors. Please feel free to provide us with feedback. Hopefully then, we would be better the next time you visit us.

      The future of the Association is only limited by the vision and involvement of its members. The possible projects and involvement for MAPA and its members are boundless.

      To our member visitor, let’s together make this website as dynamic as possible, as a reflection of how professional, responsible and dedicated we are as pilots.

      The Association thanks you.