• Secretariat

      Hello Members,

      My name is Barbara. I have worked for MAPA for some 10 years now serving under the last 5 Presidents. I am especially involved in running the Secretariat and providing administrative support for the Industrial and Safety & Technical Portfolios. I sit in on all EXCO Meetings and record the minutes which are then distributed to all meeting attendees. I also attend to any queries that are sent via the MAPA website and ensure that they are forwarded to the relevant Council Members. The Event Calendar at www.mapa.org.my is my way of keeping members informed of all upcoming events. Should you have any queries on these events, please drop me an e-mail at babs@mapa.org.my. Thank You.




      My name is Fariza Khairani. I joined MAPA on 01st February 2009.


      My responsibilities include tracking and updating members’ details & ensuring your subscriptions are up to date and beneficiary’s details are current.


      As we have cadets who have submitted membership forms, I do communicate regularly with MAS Training Deptartment for confirmation of cadets who have received their Flight Status Certificate.


      My duty also include following-up when a member or his family member is hospitalized. The EXCO sends a fruit basket on behalf of all members.


      If you have any enquiries concerning your membership or if you need help with your password to access to the MAPA forum, email me at fza@mapa.org.my and I will assist you.


      Hello Members,

      My name is Shamsiah Muin. I joined MAPA on the 1st of October 1996 after graduating from ITM Shah Alam. Among the many things that I do at MAPA, I am especially involved with supporting the Sports & Recreation, Charity and IT Portfolios. Most of my day to day duties involve keeping MAPA’s banking affairs in order. I spend 3 to 4 days in a month shuttling between MAS Staff Accounting and our Banks to deposit cheques. These cheques include your subscriptions. Should you have any queries about secretariat accounts or matters involving the portfolios that I support, please send me an e-mail at sham@mapa.org.my and I will try to respond to it or forward it to the relevant EXCO member. Thanks.